CCNA CyberOps SECOPS – Objective 1.5


Define these terms as they pertain to the Linux file system: EXT4, Journaling, MBR, Swap File System, MAC

Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations (210-255)
  • EXT4: The modern version of the Linux EXT file system. It includes journaling capabilities.
  • Journaling: The file system keeps a log of changes that have not yet been committed to disk. This is the most used part of the disk and can lead to failure of the physical media in this spot. Usually, multiple copies are kept in different locations on the disk.
  • MBR: Master Boot Record is the first sector of the hard drive and is used to start the boot process.
  • Swap File System: Swap is used to store memory values that are being temporarily removed from RAM to make room for other values currently being used.
  • MAC: I couldn’t figure out which definition of MAC the exam blueprint was wanting for this. Ideas? Put them in the comments, please.