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Identify features used to streamline App-ID policy creation.

Palo Alto Networks PCNSA Study Guide v10

Application Tags

Starting with PAN-OS 9.1, many applications come with predefined tags in the App-ID database. The tags are assigned based on characteristics. You can view them in Objects>Applications. You can create custom tags in Objects>Tags and then assign the tag to an application.

Tags can be used for policy match criteria.

Application Dependencies

  • Implicit: Some applications implicitly also allow dependencies like facebook-base allows web-browsing and ssl.
  • Explicit: A dependency must be explicitly added to the rule or the traffic will be blocked. These are listed in the Depends On section of an application.

Resolution of application explicit dependencies is done when adding an application to the rule. A depends on window opens where you can add them to the rule. Alternatively if not done before commit, an app dependency tab will appear in the commit screen to alert you to the issue.