2020 IT Blog Awards by Cisco

I’m again humbled to be a finalist amongst all of these fine blogs. Please take a look at them all and then please vote. https://www.ciscofeedback.vovici.com/se/705E3ECD2A8D7180

Best Analysis – Does this blog provide insightful discussions?

  1. Ask Me Cyber
  2. DMacias.org
  3. Gjermund Raaen
  4. Houman Asefi
  5. mrn-CCIEW
  6. The WLAN

Best Cert Study Journey – Provides useful insights into the need-to-knows throughout a certification study journey.

  1. Beginner’s Forum
  2. Data Knox
  3. Fgowthamraj F
  4. IPCisco.com
  5. No Blinky Blinky
  6. The Answer is 101010

Best Newcomer – A great new blog / podcast / etc. started in the last(ish) year.

  1. Chris’s Tech Journey
  2. Colla.blog
  3. Crazy Networking
  4. Network Automation Nerds
  5. NWMichl Blog
  6. The Bridge is the Root

Best Podcast or Video Series – Best in content and creativity delivered in the format of videos or podcasts.

  1. The Art of Network Engineering
  2. David Bombal
  3. Madrasa Tech
  4. NerdworkerMX 
  5. Network Chuck
  6. The Spatial Streams Podcast

Most Educational  – Shares great tips, tricks, or how-to’s to help you learn something new or further your understanding on a topic. 

  1. AboutNetworks.net
  2. ifconfig.it
  3. Michael’s Personal Blog
  4. TechRebels
  5. The Network DNA
  6. The Routing Table
  7. TTL255 – Przemek Rogala’s Blog
  8. Vx Planet

Most Inspirational  – Inspires the reader to think differently or view something in a creative way. Makes you want to roll your sleeves up and jump into your network.

  1. HiddenText
  2. MaxAddress
  3. Pack IT Forwarding 
  5. The Journey of Binary Bits
  6. Zeros & Won